Car Leasing in Queens, NY | FAQ

Below are a few of those frequently asked questions we hear from our customers. If you have a question that isn’t addressed below, just give us a call at 347-284-6767 and we’ll give you an answer! We’d love to meet you!

Where is your lot?

If you’re asking where we have one of those small, variety-limiting, expensive car lots you have to drive to, the answer is: we don’t have one. We have something better: a virtual car lot, a car lot that lives on the internet and which, by its nature, saves you money and offers you variety.
Physical car lots cost a lot of money. There are the costs of the car lot property itself, property taxes, utility and insurance costs, the payroll costs involved in hiring salesman to staff the place. That sort of overhead is something we don’t have to worry about, and what we save, you get to save.
A virtual car lot also means variety. One can only fit so many different cars on an old-fashioned, physical car lot. But a virtual car lot can, theoretically, be almost as big as the internet. We work directly with any car manufacturer you can name and don’t have to worry about where to park those gorgeous new models they’re always coming up with. But we can offer them to you. They’re just not cars that have been sitting around in a lot somewhere, getting rained on and sun beaten!

Do you offer financing?

Yes, we do! We work directly with banks and other lenders to get you the best financing deals we can, with low interest rates, low monthly payments, and great terms. We even handle most of the tedious paperwork ourselves so you don’t have to!

Are your prices competitive?

They’re more than merely competitive; they can’t be beaten. Because of the fact that we don’t have the overhead that goes with having a traditional, 3D-world, physical car lot, we save you lots of money!

What types of vehicles do you lease?

Name a new model car, and we can undoubtedly say, “Yes, we have that!” From Acura to Volvo and most any car manufacturer in between, we have the car you want.

How does your lease delivery system work?

It works great! It works like this: you car shop by looking through our exhaustive inventory online, you find the car that’s made for you, you let us help you with the financing end of things, and when it’s time to drive your new car, we simply bring it you – to your home, or your office, of your best pal’s house, or your favorite restaurant. You won’t have to worry about finding a ride to go get it; it comes to you!

Do you have sales professionals?

We have a great staff of folks who love people and love cars. They’re always ready, willing, and able to help you with any questions you might have as you shop. The only thing they’re not good at is using high-pressure sales tactics, and we’re very glad of that!

How do I get in touch with you?

Just pick up your phone and dial 347-284-6767. We’d love to meet and talk with you – and have the chance to show you just how different we are from other car leasing services in Queens, and how those differences mean savings and convenience for you!

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