Transferring a Lease in Queens

When you return a leased car earlier than the terms of your contract stipulate, there are usually fees involved. But there’s a way to end your leasing contract early, not spend a dime, and even help someone else in the process, the process being what’s called a “lease transfer.”
Let’s say you suffer through a divorce and your financial situation has changed for the worse. Where you once had to lease an SUV to get an entire family around, now a smaller car will do, a car that would also be easier on your wallet. A way out of your old lease is to let us find someone who’d love to have that SUV you’re wanting to get out from under. That person will take over your contract, make all the monthly payments, assume all the responsibilities of that contract, but won’t have to make a down payment. That frees you up to get the smaller car that fits your new needs. Everyone wins!

If You Have a Lease and Want to Transfer It

If life throws you for a loop, for good or ill, and you want out from under the lease you’re in, you don’t have to spend time on the internet looking for someone to take that lease over. We have a database of folks who are wanting to assume others’ leases, and can get you and that third party together so you can be totally relieved of all of the responsibilities of your present lease, including the monthly payments, and the person assuming your lease gets the car he needs. You now have the options of leasing a newer, fancy car, a car that’s made more for families, a “working vehicle” like a van or a pick-up, a sporty coupe – whatever your new situation calls for. Or you cannot lease a different car at all. Your call! But if you do need to step away from a lease, we can likely help. Just call us up at 347-284-6767.

If You’re Wanting to Assume Someone Else’s Lease

If you’re on the other side of all this and want to lease a car, can make the monthly payments, but can’t get a down payment together, we’re there for you as well! Or maybe you want to try out leasing without getting into a long-term, full contract. You can get the car you need – and help someone who’d like to get out of his lease at the same time. You just have to make the monthly payments, mind the mileage limits, and assume the responsibilities of the original leaser’s contract. We can make all this happen so you’re driving a great new car ASAP.

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Whether you’re wanting to transfer a lease, or assume a lease, we’d love to talk with you and help you do what you need to do. Just call us up at 347-284-6767 and watch some car leasing pros in action! We promise we’ll go out of our way to get you what you need when it comes to your car situation, and we’ll do it a lot better than any car leasing agency in Queens can!

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