Terminating Your Lease in Queens

Most leases are terminated by the leasing party’s just fulfilling the terms of the lease, waiting for the lease’s; expiration date, and letting it die. Some leases end earlier than the leasing contract stipulates by paying a small fee. Yet others end through a lease transfer, that is, finding a third party who’s willing to take over your existing lease and all the responsibilities that go with it, taking over the payments, and thereby ending up with a car without having to make a down payment.
However you want to terminate your lease, we’ll make the process as pain-free as possible. Please read on to discover how!

Letting Your Lease Expire

This is the standard way of ending a lease: just driving your car until your contract expires. If this is the option you choose, we’ll come and pick up your car so you don’t even have to worry about finding a ride home. But once that’s done, you might want to think about what you will do next for transportation. If you want to get into a new and different lease, we have the car you want, without a doubt. From Acura to Volvo, we work with pretty much every car manufacturer in existence, and can offer any new model car you can think of. We’re not limited in what we can offer the way other car leasing companies are, because we don’t have a limiting, physical car lot. Our inventory is all online and, so, practically limitless. We not only have the car you want, but we can get it to you at the lowest possible prices (physical car lots cost money, and that’s overhead we just don’t have!).

Ending Your Lease Early

Things happen in life. Marriage, children, divorce, new jobs, new hobbies – a lot of things can make a person feel as if the car they leased a year ago is no longer a good fit for them. We can get you out of your old lease early, and into a new one for a car that is a better match for your new circumstances and needs. And, as always, we can get you into a new lease at prices our competitors simply cannot touch.

Lease Transfers

We love lease transfers! They’re such a great way for two parties to get what they need and help each other at the same time. A lease transfer is when a third party assumes your lease. That person will assume all responsibilities for your lease, make the monthly payments, and you’re free and clear. What does that third party get out of it? He doesn’t have to make a down payment. So you get out of your lease, and he gets into one at great savings. Everyone’s happy!
We have a database of customers looking for such lease takeovers. You don’t have to go on the internet to find one; we’ll fix you up!

Call us!

If you’re wanting to let your lease die a “natural death” per the terms of your contract, or terminate your lease early, either by paying a small fee or doing a lease transfer, we’re here to help! Just call us up at 347-284-6767 and tell us all about your situation. We can guarantee we’ll find some way do things your way (well, within reason, of course), and that the way we do things will leave you knowing we’re the best car leasing company in Queens.

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