Exiting Your Lease Early in Queens

So, you were single and leased a sexy little coupe sports car. Then you met the person of your dreams, had twins – and now are needing an SUV. Or maybe you leased a pick-up but got a new “business suit” kind of job and want a car that matches. Or maybe you leased a great car, and still love it – but aren’t as in love with it as you once were, and are dying for some of the new technological gadgets that are in newer models. Whatever the reason, you want out of the lease you’re in – but your lease’s terms will last another year. No worries! You’re not trapped! We can help!

Why Exit Your Lease

The two word answer: “Life happens.” Things change. People change. They marry, they divorce. They lose jobs or gain jobs. They pick up new hobbies for which a van would be nice to carry equipment about. Or they lose interest in such hobbies. Whatever the situation, lifestyle changes often mean that people want car changes to keep up with them.
And lately, lots of people are wanting that new car technology that seems to be changing a mile a minute lately. Rear-mounted radar, night vision with pedestrian detection, automatic high beam control, parental controls, GPS vehicle tracking, cameras that display panoramic views while you park, gadgets that measure how tired or impaired a driver is, in-car internet, and much, much more. By 2020, Forbes Magazine says we’ll have driver override systems that will take over if you mess up, biometric vehicle access making keys unnecessary, much more vibrant “Head-Up” window displays, remote vehicle shutdown, active health monitoring, four-cylinder supercars that use a twin-turbo V6, reconfigurable body panels – whew! Whatever car manufacturers come up with, you won’t have to miss out – even if you’re in the middle of a lease.

How to Exit Your Lease

Just give us a call and we can talk about what your present needs are, your reasons for wanting out of your present la se, and find out the best way for you to end your lease early, whether it’s by simply ending it with a small financial penalty, or by doing a lease transfer, by which someone takes over your lease and all the responsibilities that go with it, including, of course, its monthly payments. If you need a different car, we’ve got you covered by offering just about any make and model of car you can think of – and being able to let you lease it at the lowest possible prices.

Let’s talk!

If you’re wanting out of your present lease and into a different one, or if you have any questions for us, just give us a call at 347-284-6767. We’ll help you exit your lease as painlessly as possible, and promise to help you in ways other car leasing companies can’t.

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